Your website consists of far more than just copy writing. We are in definite consensus that crummy copy gives an awful first impression but so does bad photography.

Photography is an art and is essentially a visual object (the photo) and an experience (the emotion) created through an expression of skill and imagination (by the photographer). Much like art (the brush/canvas kind) there is a certain level of skill required to fully submerge a viewer into the experience described above. Fortunately for most, these skills – as in all visual arts – can be practiced, refined and nearly perfected.

What is regarded as “good” photography?

  1. Good technical ability – Having a grip on exposure and focus is imperative. In other words, the photo should neither be blown out white or too dark, just perfect and it should not be blurry but have sharp lines.
  1. Tasteful creative ability – The lighting of a subject, the composition of the subject and the colour contained in the photograph is all part of the photographer’s style and adds loads of value to the final design of your website.
  1. Capturing the essence of a thing – Whatever the thing is! Whatever your website is about, whatever your product entails, whatever it is you want to say. Good photography is needed to get the message across. Are you getting the picture?

Having a photographer take your images for you is always advised, simply because you are dealing with a real-life human being. Your wishes and wants can be described in all-encompassing detail and you can part-take in the creative process. Self-sourced imagery also has a distinct “you” stamp which inadvertently rubs off on the design of your website. Subsequently it takes on an identity of its own and can also be marketed as such.

I have designed many websites around the immaculate images I have received from clients and the personality of the brand shines through, perfectly – without much effort!

Stock images are another option

Though not advised to use throughout your website, stock images are an option to fill the space of one or two images. You run the risk of having an image on your website that is also present on someone else’s site and in turn can leave a bad impression – “not unique”, “generalised”.

Due to the fact photographers have their own style it can sometimes be difficult to pull one brand identity through various contributors.

Your website consists of various visual elements which all influence a viewer’s way of thinking and more importantly their emotion. Use these elements  to make the viewer understand the goal you are trying to reach, give them clear direction and we promise, they will return the favour!

To see brilliant images used within a website visit: https://vegetablesandfruitmagazine.co.za/



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