When you think about a brand like Nike or Puma you think about much more than just the logo! Yes, the logo is probably the first thing you think about, but you also think about the idea that these companies sell. Let’s take Nike as a shining example:

What is the idea they are selling?

While every person is inclined to deduce their own meaning from advertising, I think it would be fair to say the broader idea they are aiming to sell is MOTIVATION! It is even evident in their slogan: Just do it!

The idea is followed (shortly after) by an emotion and usually results in an end goal that the advertisers set out – selling the product. Without going into the intricacies of what marketing and advertising entails, the fact is that a brand identity is more than just a logo! It is the idea, the emotion, the motivator that drives one person to choose one company over another!

What do you need to get your brand identity “out there”?

1. Stand for something
When your company aims to resolve a pertinent customer issue it is easy to pride yourself to this fact and even easier to mold your brand identity around it too.

2. Make it loud
Bring the message across loud and clear. This can be done with words and a vast array of images!

3. Hire someone proper
Don’t spend tons of money to build your business and start slacking when you have to get help in putting the message “out there”. As a fellow blogger once said:
“These 10 best Nike ads have one thing in common — great design. Apart from these ads’ emotional appeal and powerful messaging, graphic design has everything to do with these ads’ success.” 10 Best Nike Ads of All Time – Unlimited Graphic Design Service (penji.co)

A brand identity is a constant element and should have continuity through the messaging.


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