That might be the question, but it really shouldn’t be.

Building your business with all your specifications, rounded to the T and giving it one last wipe with your figurative cloth, is in essence the very first step – the foundation – of a business. Why? The simple reason being: It might be perfect, glistening even, but if no-one knows about your business or what you do, you will soon be seeing it decaying before your eyes.

According to TGS South Africa, South Africa has a higher failure rate of SMMEs compared to the rest of the world. It is said that 70% – 80% of small businesses fail in our country within 5 years of commencement.
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Louise van Scheers at the University of South Africa (UNISA), Department of Marketing and Retail found that there is a positive link between lack of marketing skills and business failure in South Africa.
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It is therefore safe to assume that some of the 70% – 80% of businesses that fail can attribute failure to: Message Not Delivered To Audience – also known as Marketing.

In the past we have written a blog or two about having an online presence and its importance, simply because the modern human being, no longer browse storefronts… they Google instead.

As mentioned before, we believe a website is imperative. Let me say that again imperative, but trends suggest that social media is all the craze, and successful businesses follow the trends. What the people want, the people get.

Here is an excerpt from facts provided by Avuire Media:

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So, should you Social Media or shouldn’t you?
Your businesses might not fail if you don’t, but wouldn’t you want to increase your sales by a potential 46.4% and reach the potential 28million South Africans out there, possibly eager to buy?

I will let you answer that question by yourself.


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