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Running a business is a spot-on description of what having a company is all about. It’s a lot of running. Then come those days where, against all natural instinct, you have to entrust someone else to take the reigns of a project you have no clue about – like a designer.

I know what you might be thinking: “These right-brained creatives have no sense of business and won’t be able to keep to my deadlines.” Right-brained we are, yes – senseless, we are not. Remember that the right-brained have companies too and therefore understand the importance of having something done by the time you need (not want) it.

Thinking back on the past few years working with clients, it’s fairly easy to reflect on a few scenarios:

1. Client deadlines pushed forward
Needless to say, scenario number one is frustrating to both client and designer. Clear deadlines, set deadlines, enable the client to set a certain level of expectation, which in turn enables a designer the ability to deliver. When deadlines are pushed forward, for whatever reason, the client’s level of expectation stays the same but the designer’s ability to deliver is minimized significantly.

2. Designer deadlines not met
Deadlines are a two-way street. Clients have them and so do designers. Without the necessary information, such as website content or logo inspirations, a designer’s work becomes nearly impossible. When a designer’s deadlines are not met, it is an inevitable fact that the client’s deadline won’t be met.

The bottom-line: Clients and designers need to be on the same page of the same book and have a clear and open line of communication and review process. Stuff happens to all of us and certain circumstances in life are unavoidable but as Nat Turner said: “Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” And with that in mind, any bridge can be built across any obstacle.



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