Terms and conditions

Dear client,

We are looking forward to tend to your business. By paying your deposit we understand that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions as indicated below:


Logos and changes


A 50% deposit is required.


• URL links or logo examples of competitor logos for us to do a unique design.

• Colour scheme or mood boards of your preference.


Three (3) logos will be supplied, whereafter you are allowed to make three (3) changes to the logo you have chosen.

Websites and content


A 50% deposit is required.


Signed off website content is to be supplied within two (2) months after commencement.

The content must include signed off images, either in a folder shared on Google Drive / Dropbox / We Transfer or any other online transfer mechanism.

Mood boards, screenshots or URLs of other websites that are to your liking are not a requirement, but strongly advised.

If content is not supplied within the above-mentioned time-frame, the full amount is payable and any content additions will be invoiced as ad-hoc (per hour) updates.


Two (2) sets of changes are allowed:
• A set may include various changes.
• These changes are to be either sent as an attached document, which can include screenshots or an e-mail outlining the changes clearly. Thereafter, additional ad-hoc (per-hour) invoices will be sent for hours spent.

We encourage you to refer to the initial invoice.
• Any changes outside the scope will be invoiced as ad-hoc (per hour) additions.

Website content and any other general content

MooKow Media will not take ANY responsibility for content supplied with spelling- or grammatical errors. All content will be used as supplied.

• Online: Changes will be invoiced per hour
• Print: Changes will be invoiced per hour

Mookow Media will not be held liable for any printing costs due to errors made.

Website: Post-launch changes

Updates made after the launch of your website will be invoiced as ad-hoc (per hour) additions.


Discounts are offered for a certain period of time. No discount will be extended unless otherwise stated.

Referral discount only applies to successful conversion. No discount will be given if the referral does not become a client.

Stationery: Initial prototypes

a. Business Cards
• An initial business card will be sent as prototype. After approval, implementation of batch business cards will follow.

b. Signature
• A .jpg file will be sent for revision. After the prototype is approved, batch HTML or .jpg signatures will be provided for implementation. Clear instructions for the implementation will be provided.

c. Any other personalised items
• Initial prototypes will be sent for approval. After approval is given, the rest of the implementation will follow.

Please note: Any changes made after approval will be invoiced at an hourly rate.

Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Proof of payment is required (talita@mookowmedia.co.za).
  • Overtime (after hours) work will be charged at an 1.5 hourly rate.
  • Please use your invoice reference number when making payments.
  • Any and all products will be held back unless payments are made accompanied by proof; or in case of services rendered, be cancelled within 15 days of receipt of invoice.
  • All conceptual artwork remains the property of MooKow Media (MKM). Final approved version to be handed over to client when full payment is received.
  • Jobs R1000 and less; FULL amount is payable upon acceptance of invoice/quotation.
  • 50% Booking fee is payable prior to any job being booked.
  • Work will be scheduled from date of payment.
  • Lead times may differ depending on current workload, and without prior notice.

If any of the information discussed here causes uncertainty, please contact us to clarify any issues:


082 787 2071


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