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Jaclyn Alton Physiotherapists

Designing a logo for a physiotherapist specialising in rehabilitation required careful consideration of the target market and the message to be conveyed.

The use of three line icons representing an injury, a wheelchair, and a person running effectively communicates that the physiotherapist can help with a wide range of injuries, including those that may result from sports.

The dark blue color conveys a sense of professionalism and stability, while the lighter blue suggests a sense of calm and tranquility. The varying colors of text depending on the background, white and gray, ensure legibility and readability across different marketing collateral.

The use of images of people of varying ages with injuries being rehabilitated further reinforces the message that the physiotherapist can help anyone recover from injuries and get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the logo design and marketing collateral effectively communicate the physiotherapist’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping people recover from injuries.




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