A lot of people in today’s market feel that a logo is a simple element of business. They fail to see the importance and believe that it is an economical way to get their hands on a face for their business. Saving money is a valuable argument but the real question here is: “Should you?”. Should you put your business at risk by designing a logo by yourself, or use a logo generator, without any experience? The answer is a flat out “No”.

Why? If you believe you understand “missions, visions and values” and what they entail, that’s good on you. These are, however, the type of questions that designers will ask and guide you into the direction of a revelation. An awe-inspiring logo will enable your customers to trust and have faith in your business and the products or service that you deliver.

So… why you should not attempt to design your own logo or use online generators is rather simple:
1. Do you understand the symbolism behind a logo?
Understanding symbolism is something that is taught and takes effort to learn. Conscious interpretation on the customer’s part is what, many times, make them look again and derive meaning from the icon and words displayed.  An icon should symbolise what your business is about, which brings us to the next point:

2. Do you understand the aesthetics of design?
I think this is probably the most cringe-worthy item on the list. Often logos do not display the essence of a business, nor does the font associate with the icon at all. This is true for logo generators as well as DIY-ing your own logo:

This is an extreme case of a logo gone wrong.

I am completely baffled about the Wolf and what it has to do with “Business Application Developers”. I also have no clue how the font should be interpreted as, essentially, it displays the word “BAD”. A word that no business wants to be associated with. The subscript of the logo is a script font, which is hard to read and not visible from a distance. Would you trust this business? Would you have faith in their service?


This is an online generated version of the same logo.
Again: What does this icon mean in relation to the business? Not to mention the subscript spacing. Icons, fonts and spacing are elements that only a designer can grasp and display the correct message to customers and consumers.

3. Do you understand how colour helps your customers interpret your logo?
You can believe it, or not, but colour plays a significant role in your logo. Choosing red, because it is your favourite colour, is not a factor to be considered. Colour subliminally communicates meaning which applies to brand communication. A good designer will help you make this decision.

4. Do you know when to stop?
Designers always keep potential clients and customers in mind while they are in the process of creating a logo. When you create your own logo or use a logo generator, you merely design something that you find appealing and forget about most people who could be your customers.

5. Does a logo generator give a unique design?
Facts to consider are that many other businesses can purchase the same logo (if they are in the same industry) and won’t give you the competitive edge. They can also damage your reputation if consumers associate their logo with yours. Logo generators aren’t unique. They are general and based on a mere copy of someone else’s work.

In our opinion, you can not afford to use generators for your business, nor design your own logo. There are many other elements to consider for logo design and that is what designers are for. They create logos. They create a brand. They create a strategy for you to move your business to new heights and make you enjoy the success of your hard work.

Let us know if you want to start a new venture, or if you need to rebrand your company.






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