In our stringent economy the financial climate seems to clam down in every respect of daily life. For business owners, the (most) important question to ask during these times, is: “How do I attract the right customer for my business? How do I boost my business?” The answer? Communicate your message, effectively!


Communication aimed at the wrong audience will be wasted, like to proverbial pearls thrown to pigs. So first off, do some research about who your ideal client is.


Create content according to what you target market needs and wants. As a baseline it is important to note that in South Africa 94% of respondents want a trust-based economy. This means, greater transparency and better communication, 76% want to be treated as a person (not a number), 76% expect issues to be resolved quickly with communication throughout and 72% want a consistent experience on all points.


If you have an out-of-date logo with erratic messaging, marketing material or social media posts you are likely to miss the mark.


Be where they are! Be present on the relevant social platforms, events or gatherings and utilise your brand identity to communicate your message.

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