Motivation for starting the project:

You wake up in the morning frantic and hysterical about your next business venture. There is no one to turn to; to make your dream a reality and bring your vision to life. Having so much passion, you lie in your bed discouraged. These are the type of scenarios that we want our customers to avoid.

Companies starting out or entities rebranding their look all struggle with the same issue. “Where do I go from here?” ProbioTech was a customer who fit that bill.

The company recently took the phrase “rebranding” to the next level, which meant we had to start from scratch. Formerly known as BiotixPro, ProbioTech had to undergo a name change due to conflict of interests by various parties. The name “ProbioTech” unfortunately did not fall into our laps. It was with careful consideration of the level of service, products and the science behind it that drove us to the discovery of the name.

Research behind the brand and design

ProbioTech in their own words is: “A Green Cleaning Technology that is one of South Africa’s first commercial cleaning services that use probiotics.” That is quite a mouthful, especially if you have no clue what the term probiotics mean. In short, the term means products which are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. The products are more effective than regular chemical cleaners and the micro-organisms within the product blend “destroys harmful bacteria”. (Read more here: www.probiotech.co.za) Having remarkable products is a stupendous achievement but having said that; customers unable to relate to your product brand makes things increasingly difficult. It is like a face with no name. As mentioned before, we took the level of service, products and the science into consideration:

Pro: Professional service
Probio: Refers to the micro-organisms within the product blend (probiotics)
Tech: Scientifically proven

The name guided us further into the direction the logo had to take.

Design approach

Since we had only a few, client selected colours to work with, these brains had to storm like never before. Some spit-balling took place and after a few concept revisions and colour variants, ProbioTech finally had a face, in blue and in green.
We selected a slick, no-nonsense font for the logo and paired it with an icon that encapsulates the essence of ProbioTech. Thereafter, we did the font pairings for headings and body copy for all marketing material for future use.

We created pattern library (shapes, forms and colours) to be used in association with the logo, marketing material and product labelling.

Style guide

Marketing material


Product labels

Our input regarding this project was timeous but extremely satisfying. We feel that it is in the company’s best interest to keep heading in the direction set out for them and keep the hysteria at bay.

We would love to have your opinion. Please review our work and tell us what you think:

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