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Gone are the days of browsing store-front windows in search of a business to help you re-tile your kitchen, instead people are now ogling by Google-ing. Every person with a computer or smart device, has the power of information at their fingertips. So, you have got to ask yourself “Is my information available to my potential client?”

I read through an article today suggesting that websites are dying and, in some instances, I guess I agree. Everything, apparently, is happening on Facebook, YouTube, and the likes. But what about everything else? What if you are not building an audience? What if you are not selling a course? What then?

It is my firm belief that an online presence is imperative for any business and mainstream social media platforms should NOT be underestimated. They do work. Someone, however, who would like to read more than social media posts and judge the integrity of a business, would head to a website. Your website.

How do I go about designing your website?

1. Ideas please!
Any creative process starts with an idea. That idea must come from somewhere and that somewhere usually means YOU. As representative of your business, you tend to align your own likes and dislikes with that of your company’s and to avoid blurred lines and miscommunication we’d like to see your ideas on paper (or screen).

Mood boards, screenshots or URLs of other websites that are to your liking are not a requirement, but extremely helpful.

• Colours
• Typeface
• Page Structure
• Website Structure

2. Wire frame
No… this is not something you hang on a wall… This is the frame of your website, meaning the structure:
• How many pages does it need?
• What are the page names?
• Do you want scrolling website?

3. Content, content, content!
Let’s look at your website as if it were a human body. The wire frame is the skeleton and skeletons are weird and creepy, let’s face it. Content is the flesh. Content is the heartbeat.
Without it your website is dead.
• Write well thought-out, catchy content for each page
• Get to the point,
• and if you are really stuck, get a professional to help you

4. Images
Okay, so back to the body analogy: If the wire frame is the skeleton, the content the flesh then the images must be the thing that completes the pretty lady.  Check out this link for more info: Why Images Are an Important Part of Your Website Strategy | Yellow Pages Business (yp.ca)

• Don’t flood your website with stock images
• Make the images relevant

Just remember that the visuals you use are the first and only connection you have with your potential customer.

5. Approval
Finally, we need your approval, round of applause and go-ahead to launch your brand-new website.

If you would like for us to give you a quote on a new website or website administration, just head to Contact Us and send us a message. We’d love to get people ogling your business!


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