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Communication. Interpretation. Understanding. Three fundamentals of any successful relationship, regardless of its nature. Astoundingly, many find these concepts difficult to surmount. Although we are not in the business of giving marriage counselling, we can, as promised, advise on giving helpful feedback to someone who is there to support and guide you on your road to success – your designer.

1. Listen as much as you talk
As a client, you pay money for a service and this service constitutes a level of expertise unknown to you. Logically, you wouldn’t need to pay for it if you were able to do it yourself, right?

A designer has some understanding about the rules of design, what is allowed and not allowed, what is a good idea and not a good idea because, they know how the general population (and all the sections within) interprets visual messages. Listen to them and ask questions if you are unsure.

Try to: Ask questions about the design to make sure it speaks to your desired audience
Try not to: Make it about you. “I don’t like this colour, can we change it.”

2. Say what you need
If you come with a generic request, I can bet my hat you will get a generic reply.
Be specific about fonts, colours and elements you want included and outline your ideas clearly.

Try to: Give examples of what you like
Try not to: Ask to copy anyone else’s work

3. Make sure you are understood
Ask that your instructions be relayed back to you. Sometimes what you say is not always what you mean (people in romantic relationships will understand) and if the wrong message was received, you have the chance to correct that trajectory before it launches into a disaster.

Try to: Be patient and try again if you are misunderstood
Try not to: Get angry and frustrated

When you identify the need for a designer, it is best to take a piece of paper and write down ALL your ideas. Don’t do it selectively, just pour it out. Your designer can help you filter through them and discuss the viability of each.




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