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Many business owners, old and new, struggle with pictures. Whether that picture is a new Brand Identity or creating an image for your company on Social Media. That is what MKM is all about. We handle the pictures, make you look great and leave you to do business.

Our services:


The face of your bussiness.

Graphic Design

Marketing material and collateral


Online go-to, to complete your business identity.


Corporate retainers


Website administration and updates


Copy Writing

Writing text for advertising or publicity material.

Social Media

Keep your business image relevant online.

More About us

MKM is an expanding creative company with a passion for small to medium businesses. Being a small entity ourselves we admire the fact that there are other businesses out there with a vision to make an impact.

We just want your impact to be colossal!

What our clients say:

“I love their work ethic, honesty and way of thinking. They are straight shooters and get right to the point every time!”

– Elmi Moir // CEO ProbioTech

Latest in our blog:

How to boost business and get more customers

  In our stringent economy the financial climate seems to clam down in every respect of daily life. For business owners, the (most) important question to ask during these times, is: “How do I attract the right customer for my business? How do I boost my...

Brand Identity

What brand identity is all about and what can you do to get your message “out there”!

Why your website photos are just as important as your design

Your website consists of various elements (copy writing, photography, layout, design) which all influences a user’s way of thinking and more (most) importantly their emotion.

To Social Media Or Not To Social Media – that is the question!

That might be the question, but it really shouldn’t be. Building your business with all your specifications, rounded to the T and giving it one last wipe with your figurative cloth, is in essence the very first step - the foundation - of a business. Why? The simple...

3 Brilliant tips for helpful feedback

2min read Communication. Interpretation. Understanding. Three fundamentals of any successful relationship, regardless of its nature. Astoundingly, many find these concepts difficult to surmount. Although we are not in the business of giving marriage counselling, we...

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Final Design

Throughout my adventures of being a designer, I have had to design some logos and materials for myself. This includes my own business and a few subsidiaries, which can be labelled “it’s complicated”, “under construction” and “in progress”. I can therefore speak from...

The real reasons why deadlines aren’t met

2 minutes read Running a business is a spot-on description of what having a company is all about. It’s a lot of running. Then come those days where, against all natural instinct, you have to entrust someone else to take the reigns of a project you have no clue about –...

5 Things I need before designing your website

2 minute read Gone are the days of browsing store-front windows in search of a business to help you re-tile your kitchen, instead people are now ogling by Google-ing. Every person with a computer or smart device, has the power of information at their fingertips. So,...

6 Shocking ways you are failing at marketing your small business

This morning my husband and I had an interesting discussion about margarine. A brand (in all aspects) is important for business. We bought a margarine different from the product we usually use. It has plain packaging, with nothing exciting about it. It is basically a...

Online Logo Generators and DIY: Why you shouldn’t!

A lot of people in today’s market feel that a logo is a simple element of business. They fail to see the importance and believe that it is an economical way to get their hands on a face for their business. Saving money is a valuable argument but the real question here...

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